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Encore Presentation: Teens, Tweens and Quarantines Webinar featuring Jon Mattleman


An encore presentation recorded on May 20, 2020.

“Teens, Tweens, & Quarantines” is a presentation by Jon Mattleman for parents focusing on the impact of COVID-19 on our children.

This talk addresses:

  • The teen/tween brain
  • Explain why the COVID-19 pandemic is so difficult for this age group
  • Survey the process of loss
  • Discuss issues related to independence, autonomy, and privacy
  • Offer perspectives and suggestions that parents can implement immediately


About the Presenter

Jon Mattleman received his B.A. from Clark University in 1978, and his MS in Counseling from the University of Hartford in 1981. Jon’s workshops and presentations are geared to give participants tools they can implement immediately, strategies that work with children and youth, and approaches which have proven to be critical to building healthy relationships. Jon frequently consults with schools, parent groups, mental health organizations, and in workplace settings regarding the issues of anxiety, stress, depression, suicide, parenting, and the emotional consequences of technology. Jon is best known for his talk “The Secret Life of  Massachusetts Teens and Tweens” and has presented this to thousands of parents all over the east coast.  Jon has appeared on numerous radio and television shows lending his expertise on anxiety, depression, suicide, teens, and parenting. Read more about Jon on his website at, follow Jon on Twitter @jonmattleman or contact Jon by email at



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